I want to be loved out loud.

​I want to be loved out loud.

I want to be loved on purpose.

I want to be loved thoughtfully. With kindness. Tenderly. Honestly and openly.

I want to be loved with action. By showing up. By being there. By making time. By putting in the effort.

I want to be loved romantically. With flowers and gifts. Cups of coffee in the morning and tenderness in the afternoon. Little things.

I want to be loved with vulnerability. With the softest and the strongest parts of you. The parts that are scared to love but do it anyway.

I want to be loved with friendship. With long talks about everything and nothing. With trust. By putting in the work every day. Together.

I want to be loved for the whole world to see, but with the knowledge that no one but us matters. With corny-cute Instagram posts and tweets

I want to be loved with steady hands and a steadier heart. Perhaps not flawlessly but solidly.

I want to be loved out loud.

– @SugaryOblivion


Care? Not 

Don’t you wish you didn’t care anymore?

Didn’t care if someone spoke to you anymore

Didn’t care wether someone loves you or not

Didn’t care if they lived or died 

Didn’t care if someone missed you or not

Didn’t care if they stopped calling or messaging you 

Don’t you wish sometimes you didn’t have such a caring heart

Ones heart gets so tired of being used , abused and broken that you wish to not have one anymore

Status quo

Society makes it so hard for a person to be themselves. No matter what you do there’ll  always be someone judging, hating or looking down on you. Why can’t we just accept people for who they are? Why do we always want people to conform to societies ‘norms’ ? 

Don’t give a fuck

Sometimes well most of the time you’ve just got to suck it up and stop waiting for people to give a fuck because really no on cares you can cry or even complain but your feelings will always go unnoticed and uncared for so what’s the use in even wasting your breath and expressing your feelings? People don’t care, not your friends, family or colleagues nobody gives a fuck so put your big girl panties on and smile away your issues.

Get up and make shit happen for yourself because at the end of the day it’s just you and yourself you’re all alone.

Ek is gatvol


I’m so tired, tired of everything, tired of fake people pretending to be real, tired of people tryna walk all over me, tired of being unhappy, tired of seeing others suffer tired, of walking in the shadow of others, tired of trying, trying and getting no results, tired of being hopeful, tired of waiting, tired of being there for others, emotionally, physically and mentally tired.


What Depression Means To Me

How do I explain this to people

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Olly Farrell image – Flickr / Olly Farrell

It’s making plans and not being able to fulfil them. It’s calling a friend and pretending you’re fine for an hour, only to collapse on the floor crying afterwards – they’re going back to their life, imperfect, stressful, complicated, as it may be. You on the other hand, are just back to your non-life – or had you ever left it?

People speak to you and you can hear the words and you can feel the pain of the people around you. You hear them scream, cry, argue with each other because they don’t know what to do about you anymore and you don’t even manage to care for them. You feel detached. Or so you think, as the guilty feeling that arose when you realised you were the factor to your own destruction sinks a little bit deeper; you know they’re hurting because…

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What It’s Like To Be Happy And Depressed


Thought Catalog

It’s so easy to forget that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Too easy to think that because your loved one’s attitude or overall demeanor has perked up, they must be better, when in reality, it’s not that way at all.

Being happy and depressed is like walking into a sunset. The light is ahead of you, bathing you in its rosy glow, and yet you still feel the ever-present shadows creeping along behind you, threatening to plunge your whole world into darkness if you don’t move quickly enough. Depression is a slippery slope, and it’s not something you can just get over. It’s an illness, not a feeling, and those of us who have it deal with it every damn day of our lives. People with depression can be happy, or sad, or excited, or disappointed, just like anyone else. Sometimes the symptoms aren’t as obvious as we think they…

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7 Ways To Stop Being The Invisible Girl

Guide to stop being invisible. It’s time to shine.

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Flickr / fireflieswaltzFlickr / fireflieswaltz

Many teenage girls drift through adolescence wondering when they will finally stop being looked past. We think that no one sees us for who we are, and that there seems to be a futility in individualism that will never favor us, because we aren’t anything special. We were wrong. Here is how to stop being the “Invisible Girl.” Or, more importantly, how to stop seeing yourself as an invisible girl.

1. Remember people’s names.

This one may seem hard for someone who gets completely overwhelmed at the prospect of icebreaking sessions in school or at work. Work through that and push yourself out of your shell, because this is very important. People who remember people are memorable. That seems funny, right? But, think about all of the people that you’ve met that you didn’t consciously remember their name. A lot of people let that happen – we…

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What It Feels Like To Live With Depression

I’ve been tryna get out of this tar Pitt

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image - Flickr / Tina Floersch image – Flickr / Tina Floersch

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What does it feel like to have depression? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

In the middle of Los Angeles, California there is an area called the La Brea Tar Pits, where asphalt and crude oil seep up to form pools on the surface of the ground. There is a museum nearby where one can view the fossilized remains of animals, from beetles to mastodons, that became stuck in the tar forever over thousands of years, with an exhibit where one can experience just how much strength it would take to escape the pit. The pools have an unpleasant smell and appear faintly menacing, a murky brown-black with an insectoid petroleum sheen.

Suffering from major depression feels like sinking into a tar pit.

The simplest, most mundane tasks of daily life…

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A Letter To The Friends You Alienate When You Have Depression

Dear friends

Thought Catalog

I wish I could find a way to reach out to you but I can’t. It isn’t because I don’t like you anymore, or because you’ve started to annoy me. It’s not because your life has been tense and I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s definitely not because I don’t miss you. I do.

You know the expression people use about “digging yourself a hole” in a situation, when you keep talking and continue to feel stupid but can’t reign in your words? Imagine that I, as a person, have dug my own hole. Mine, however, is entirely in my mind.

When I start digging that hole, it can be incredibly hard to climb back out. The thoughts in my head tell me I’m worthless. They tell me I’m not worth talking to. They tell me that talking to you is going to be an anxiety-inducing…

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